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Since the 1990s, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire has been building a special identity around the relation between art and architecture, which is being forever re-defined. Made up of some 18,800 works, 800 architectural maquettes and more than 16,000 drawings, the collection tells the tale of the visionary forms of architecture of the 1960s,the utopian and radical forms of the 1970s, and the deconstructivist forms of the 1980s, and is permanently questioning the relation between artists and architecture and the city. Contemporary Japanese architects and the impact of digital technologies in architectural research represent another section of the collection.
Today, its stepped-up programme of extra muros events is giving shape to a new territory, the "archipelago of the perceptible", where new forms of synergy are being outlined between works, and between venues.
In 2016, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire ushered in new systems which it will be developing in 2017. Among them, the "Bureau des cadres", with a view to extending the policy governing the loan of works to private individuals. This system thus gives the work of art a chance to become part and parcel of the private sphere, and makes it possible to experiment with new areas of encounter.
Last of all, in October 2017, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire will inaugurate the first "Biennale d'Architecture", with the title: "Walking in someone else's dream". The Biennale will present the overlapping ways of seeing things peculiar to some thirty contemporary architects, involving ways of building a shared world, a hands on world. It will also offer people a chance to discover the work of both guest architects and architects in the collection. Three major architectural figures will enjoy pride of place: Patrick Bouchain, Guy Rottier, and Demas Nwoko.


Mélanie Fortier, President

Abdelkader Damani, Director



Projet du Frac Centre, Orléans
Courtesy Jakob+MacFarlane