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First born of the Frac, the Frac Bretagne was created in 1981 by the French ministry of culture and communication and the Brittany Region. Its objectives were to promote and support the contemporary creation, allowing it to be present throughout the territory and to allow access to contemporary arts for a public as large as possible. 

Its main mission is to collect contemporary artworks and to ensure its diffusion within the region as well as throughout the country and abroad.


The Frac Bretagne collection is one of the richest. In 2014 it accounts for more than 5,000 art pieces by 600 different artists. The fund is developing around two main ideas, consistency and open mind, and is managed through equilibrium between generations – from renowned artists to emerging creators, as well as by its presence in local or regional scene and even international ones.


Abstraction and the relation between art and landscape hold an important part in the collection. Artists facing history, the different status of pictures in contemporary creation are also key aspects of the collection. To form monographic sets like the ones on Iain Baxter, Raymond Hains, Gabriele Di Matteo, Tania Mouraud, Aurélie Nemours, Vera Molnar, Yvan Salomone, Malick Sibidé, Yves Trémorin, Jacques Villeglé, Didier Vermeiren. In addition the Frac Bretagne profit of important deposits, in particular Gilles Mahé work.

In 2012 the Frac Bretagne settled in Rennes in a brand new building, designed by Odile Deck, built to serve its purpose with exhibition rooms, a documentation centre and storerooms.


Jean-Michel Le Boulanger, President

Catherine Elkar, Director


Futur bâtiment du Frac Bretagne à Rennes © Odile Decq - Labtop