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Frac Auvergne


From the outset, the Frac Auvergne adopted a very clear acquisition policy, oriented towards painting. Over several years, this identity has evolved towards the notion of pictorial dimension and image, including photography, video and cinema. Today the collection consists of almost 800 works. Since 1998, the Frac Auvergne collection has increased substantially in three areas:


Language and syntax

The first area is founded on "syntactic" abstraction and involves artists of all nationalities carrying out specific research in the fields of pictorial syntax, its grammar, as well as lexical and linguistic potential (Albert Oehlen, Luc Tuymans, Bernard Frize, Richard Tuttle, Raoul de Keyser, Kimber Smith...)


Commitment or art channelled by history

The second area consists of artists expressing a form of commitment in their practice, whether political, historical, social or philosophical (Marc Bauer, Sarkis, Peter Saul, Alain Séchas, George Condo...)



This area initiates reflection on relationships between the history of painting and image in its widest sense. This includes the links that unite painting and cinema, the issues relating to the transition from photographic image to painting, photographs and videos using references to the history of painting etc. (with the artworks by David Lynch, Julien Audebert, Dove Allouche, Eric Baudelaire, for example...).


Henri Chibret, President 
Jean-Charles Vergne, Director



Dove Allouche, Le temps scellé (4/13), 2006
Collection Frac Auvergne