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Du 27 September 2013 au 1er January 2016



The 23 Regional Contemporary Arts Collections each have an Internet site enabling their collection to be referred to individually, one thing that was lacking was an instrument to present all the works acquired since their creation and make the results of the painstaking documentation and catalogue work to which they are subject accessible.

Since their creation in fact, the Frac have worked on the management and notably computer- based documentation, of their collections.

Frac's 30th anniversary is an opportunity to offer all audiences (individuals, students, researchers, artists, exhibition commissioners, critics, teachers...) a unique portal for accessing these 23 collections, at the service of the regions, which list over 25,000 works acquired between 1981 and today.


Thanks to the pooling of the documentary information from the Frac databases, this portal designed according to the concept of adaptive Internet sites, facilitating navigation, is laid out in three sections:
- the database combining all Frac artworks
Works can be accessed by typing the full text or through the selection of simple criteria, which can be cross-referenced: by artist, by Frac; by the title of the artwork; by the year of creation; by medium; by year of acquisition.
- a series of "questions/answers about the collections" that enables, by querying the database, the key data to be understood characterising these collections by means of infographics and data visualisation.
- general information about the collections of each Frac, the characteristics of their collections and the project protagonists, as well as referring back to their respective sites for more comprehensive information.


This Frac initiative, coordinated by their association Platform, is the work of the association Videomuseum, with the participation of the Toulouse-based company ekito.
This project benefits from specific support from the Ministry of Culture and Communication (General office of artistic creation).


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